Bereavement Ministries

S. Maureen Grady | (440) 461-0066 ext 103

The ministry of compassion offers support to families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Support groups, phone calls and literature are available in assisting with the grieving process. This is a joint endeavor with St. Anselm Church.

Food Bin Volunteers

Betty Botti | (440) 423-4741

This ministry delivers food to five hunger centers our parish serves.

Fr. Michael Wittman Ozanam Center

Marcia Mestrits | (440) 442-3413

Volunteers are needed to organize and distribute food bags and clothing at the center located at St. Philomena Church. Commitment can be as short as one Saturday a year.  The dates St. Francis is scheduled to help are:  February 15th, March 22nd, April 26th, May 31st, June 21st, August 9th, September 13th, October 18th and November 29th.

Hillcrest Hospital Visitation

Christine Young | (440) 312-3739

Individuals participating in this ministry distribute Holy Communion to hospitalized patients. Any Eucharistic Minister can be involved.

Good Samaritan Ministry

Marcia Mestrits | (440) 442-3413

The Good Samaritan Ministry helps people in the community in various ways such as emergency food and clothing, friendly visits, information about government and agency services and more.

Visitation of the Homebound

S. Maureen Grady | (440) 461-0066 ext 103

Any parishioner willing to visit the homebound is invited to be a part of this ministry. Sharing information about what is happening in the parish helps the homebound person to feel a part of the parish community.

Volunteer Drivers for Parishioners

S. Maureen Grady | (440) 461-0066 ext 103

Some parishioners are unable to drive to Mass on the weekend or to other parish activities. We need volunteer drivers to bring these parishioners to church, so that they may remain part of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish community. The exact time of the driving trip is agreed upon by the driver and parishioner. It is expected that passengers be able to get in and out of the cars on their own, or with the assistance of a caregiver. We welcome any able to serve as a volunteer driver.

Wellness Ministry

S. Maureen Grady | (440) 461-0066 ext 103

The purpose of this ministry is to foster wellness and healing of mind, body and spirit by encouraging preventative health care and health education, and ministering to those in need. Health care professionals of any discipline (physician, nurse, social worker, therapist, etc.) are welcome to join. Assistance is needed for monthly blood pressure checks, bulletin blurb writers, and helping register for blood drives.